General Ledger – Dynamics GP Hands-On Training Seminar


Upon Request
8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Hilton Gardens
Memphis, TN


All General Ledger users.


$495/person. Training workbooks are included.

This class will provide students with detailed training on the features and functionality relating to the DynamicsGP General Ledger. Students will learn the setup procedures required to use this module effectively, as well as how to enter and post transactions, perform inquiries, print reports, and complete period and year-end processing efficiently.


  • Customize General Ledger posting settings.
  • Enter and maintain records easily and efficiently, utilizing a variety of functions.
  • Troubleshoot your General Ledger data.
  • Create and maintain budgets using Microsoft Excel®-based Budgeting.
  • Configure and use Organizational Structures to apply account level security.
  • Use Inquiries, Reports, and SmartList to easily access and customize financial information
  • Maximize easily customized reporting through Smartlist
  • Perform the period-end and year-end closing procedures

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