Customers with active support plans can take advantage of the many features CustomerSource has to offer. CustomerSource is a place where Microsoft Dynamics customers can find self-support, ask peers for solutions to problems, register for online training sessions, subscribe to informative newsletters,  download product updates, access documentation, and submit support requests.

Get these benefits at (or within Dynamics GP you can go to Help =>CustomerSource Web Site.) To log in, you will need a .NET passport and an Microsoft Dynamics registered email address. If you do not already have one, you can obtain a .NET passport at If you need to register your email address with Microsoft Dynamics, contact us (or your registered partner) at 901-382-1MEG (1634). Once your email is in the system, see our step-by-step CustomerSource registration procedure.

Some of the features of CustomerSource include:

My Account

Account Information

Under Personal Profile you can opt to receive email from Microsoft Dynamics on certain topics and obviously see your name, etc. Company Profile displays your company information including your  “Authorized Number,” which is the number you’ll need to use if you contact Microsoft for support (hint – it’s your phone number!). Product and Service Summary allows you to view your product registration codes and modules. At the bottom it shows your available Microsoft Dynamics support incidents and allows you to look at any past communications from the last month.

News and Events

In addition to available conferences, and seminars (online and in-person), here you will find the ability to subscribe to Insights, a wealth of customized information that comes to your desktop via e-mail. You can opt to receive information such as: News, Announcements, Support and Enhancement Information.


Knowledge Base

This section grants you access to the same TechKnowledge database used by the award-winning MBS technical support teams. It contains thousands of automated fixes, technical tips, usability recommendations, quality reports, and answers to commonly asked questions. Be sure to read the search tips document by the search bar. Hot Topics is your source for the most critical and current technical information.

Assisted Support

Assisted Support provides convenient access to the support team plus your complete support history. With a support plan or a credit card, you can submit a support request by choosing New Support Request, and review your case history by choosing Existing Support Requests. If you are enrolled in a support plan, your electronic support requests have the same guaranteed response time as your telephone support incidents.

Downloads & Updates

Keep your system current and up to date by downloading important files like U.S. Payroll tax updates, Fixed Asset updates and product releases. With Reports Library, save dozens of hours by downloading hundreds of the most commonly used reports.


Download How-To Articles, User Guides, System Requirements and White Papers

Training and Certification

Register for eCourses and other training opportunities. The Foundation Library, for instance, included with many support plans, is a collection of overview tutorials that can be used to provide an introduction to a new subject, to reinforce prior learning, or for “just in time” type training on a given process, procedure, or feature within your MBS solution. You’ll learn tips and tricks you can use to increase your productivity and save time. These tutorials can typically be viewed in 45 to 60 minutes.

To see what online and classroom training that is available throughout the US, go to

To create a new eLearning account

CustomerSource => Training and Certification => eLearning => Foundation Library => Select “Registering for Service Plan eLearning benefits” => Select (  Service Plan Name ) & Register => Select Student Name =>Check Status Box and Box below that => Mark Use Full Credit => Click Add Student to Registration =>Check Box next to Submit => Click Submit => Input Email Address => Submit

To connect to your existing eLearning account
CustomerSource => Training and Certification => eLearning => Connect to Your eLearning Account => Connect to Training => View My Active Training => Curriculum Bar —> Select .

Please note that you must be logged in with your individual profile and that all popup blockers must be disabled. If you have any trouble, please email [email protected] or call 800.456.0025 (Option 4).

Products and Services

Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics products that are available to you.

Industry Solutions

Learn more about the third party products that integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics application.


Public Newgroups are forums where you can share tips and tricks, implementation ideas and solutions with other customers. Managed Newsgroups are monitored by a Microsoft Dynamics Product Specialist who insures that the information is correct and who answers any unresolved

Product Suggestions

Microsoft welcomes the ideas of its customers.

Note: Basic users manuals for your Microsoft Dynamics GP modules are available within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Go to Help => Printable Manuals (Online Manuals in 7.5 and earlier).It will bring up a pdf document from which you can select the appropriate manual. You may wish to use the “find” feature to search by word. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM, go to Help => User’s Guide.