1. Select Create a Company on the Additional Tasks window (it is the default option).

  1. Click Process.

  1. On the Create Company window, enter a DB/Company ID.  This must be at least 1 character but no more than five.  It is alphanumeric, but it cannot start with a number. It also cannot contain any special characters.

  1. Mark “Load Shipping Methods and Payment Terms.”

  1. Mark “Copy access from company” and select a company if one exists that you want to copy the company access from.  This will copy both the company access and security settings.  Otherwise you will need to manually give access to the company after it is created and set security.

  1. Click Next.

  1. On the Database Setup window, verify or change the location for the database and log files.  These should be the same directory as your previous companies, but it is not required.  It will default with the data directory that is in the directory specified when SQL was installed.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Verify your settings, and then click Finish. The installation will take approximately 20 minutes depending on the speed of your server.

  1. Log in to the company the first time using the sa login, then log in as a user to verify user access is set correctly.

  1. Make sure to add the new company to all scheduled backup/maintenance routines.

  1. There is an automated solution available to copy the setup information (chart of accounts, vendors, customers, etc.) from an existing company. The automated solution is available in the Professional Services Tool Library.