“Unable to Read Version Info” (when trying to update)

The error “Unable to Read Version Info” will appear when running the update if the PB32.exe is corrupt.

  • Delete or rename the PB32.exe file.
  • Run the Setup.exe again. This time, it will say “New Install” instead of update.
  • At the point of listing the modules to be installed, uncheck any boxes for modules that should not be overwritten.
  • Finish the install and the new pb32.exe should work.

“Error in Equation PrintBoss Bank”

This error is caused by a variety of reasons, but it is usually speaking of the PrintBoss Bank formula in the modified report. Typically, the fix is exporting and re-importing the modified report in Great Plains. If that still does not work, import the spec package from the PRNTBOSS\SPECS\DYN directory. This should be the original modified report that was imported at the beginning of setting up PrintBoss to work with Great Plains. If after trying these two steps and the error is still appearing, please call us for help.

“The Batch of documents sent to PrintBoss doesn’t have a flag appearing anywhere…”

This error is caused by the inability of PrintBoss to find or read the PB#INFO line (PrintBoss Trigger).

1.) Ensure that the correct report, specification, or form is being used in Great Plains.
2.) If the correct report is being used, print either to screen or to the LaserJet printer (not the PrintBoss printer). Is the PB#INFO line in the screen or on the paper?

a. If yes…
i. Make sure that the PrintBoss program is printing to the LaserJet printer and not thePrintBoss printer driver.
ii. Reprint to PrintBoss. PrintBoss should trigger and print the document.

b. If no…
i. Again, check step number 1.
ii. If using the correct report, but still do not see the PrintBoss Trigger, check to see if there is any other accounting data coming through to the screen or on the paper. If there is not, then this is why the PB#INFO line is not appearing. Try a standard report and print to screen or to the LaserJet printer. If there is still no data appearing on the document, check your settings within Great Plains or call us.

3.) If the correct report is being used, the PB#INFO line is showing, and there is other data appearing on the document but the error persists, contact us for more support.

*PrintBoss is a product by WellSprings Software that allows you to print checks from Great Plains onto blank check stock.