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Great Plains Integration Manager
Hands-On Training Seminar

: This course may be offered upon request
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Where: Computer Resources, Inc.
65 Germantown Ct.
(At the corner of Walnut Grove and Germantown Pkwy)

Who: This class is recommended for customers who plan to install, implement, configure, consult, or support the tools used to integrate data with Great Plains. This class is targeted towards individuals that desire to increase their knowledge and the skills necessary to create automated integrations between Great Plains and existing outside data sources.

Cost: $450/person. Training workbooks included.

This course develops your understanding of how to integrate outside systems with your Great Plains accounting application through the use of tools designed to safely and easily import records. You'll find value in using Integration Manager for safely converting data into a new Great Plains installation, or as an ongoing way to integrate data from your external business databases, e-commerce solutions, and desktop applications with Great Plains.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Explain the different methods used to import data into Great Plains
  • Identify the different tools available to assist users in importing records into Great Plains
  • Recognize the features and benefits of using Import Utility
  • Learn the steps for setting up an import
  • Identify the available resources for setting up an import
  • Identify the different field structures
  • Define a table import
  • Create a table import definition to import customer information
  • Identify the features and benefits of Integration Manager
  • Install Integration Manager
  • Recognize the basic steps in creating an integration
  • Identify the destinations available with the Great Plains 8.0 Adapter
  • Create an integration for GL Accounts
  • Create an integration for GL Transactions using two source files
  • Create a GL Transaction integration using one source file
  • Create a Customer integration
  • Create a RM Transaction integration
  • Create an Integration Group
  • Configure Integration Manager setup options
  • Create Translations
  • Create ODBC sources
  • Use VBScripting with Integration Manager
  • Use the Integration Manager Script Library
  • Identify the steps needed to schedule an integration
  • Create a payroll transaction integration
  • Review the differences between the SQL Optimized Adapter and the Great Plains 8.0 Adapter
  • Create an Inventory Transaction Integration using the SQL Optimized Adapter
  • Create a Sales Order Processing Transaction Integration using the SQL Optimized Adapter
  • Create a purchase order integration using the SQL Optimized Adapter
  • Identify the steps to create a custom destination
  • Create a payables manual check integration using the Direct to Table Adapter
  • Understand the XML source and destination adapters, and their uses
  • Create a vendor integration using the XML Source adapter
  • Create a PM Transaction integration using the XML Source adapter


Tools Overview
Import Utility
Integration Manager Overview
Great Plains 8.0 Adapter
GL Accounts
GL Transaction
GL Using 1 Source File
Customer and RM Transaction
Advanced Integrations
Payroll Transaction
SQL Optimized Adapter
Inventory Transaction
SOP Transaction
Purchase Order Transaction
Direct to Table Adapter
Payables Manual Checks
XML Source Adapter
Payables Transaction

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