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FRx Reporting for Great Plains - Level 2
Report Design Essentials for FRx v6.7
Hands-On Training Seminar

:  Upon Request

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(must be present both days)

Where: Computer Resources, Inc.
65 Germantown Ct.
Memphis, Tennessee
(At the corner of Walnut Grove and Germantown Pkwy)

Who: This class is essential to anyone who wants to master advanced FRx report
 design concepts. It is geared for intermediate FRx users and experienced FRx users
who want to build upon their skills and master product proficiency.


Cost: $900/person. Training workbooks included.

Prerequisites: General knowledge of Microsoft Windows and accounting principles. Past participation in FRx Report Design Essentials 1 is strongly encouraged.


FRx II teaches you complex FRx techniques necessary to create a comprehensive suite of financial and management reports. It builds on the basic report design skills learned in Report Design Essentials 1.The class covers linking to external worksheet data, linking row formats, multi company consolidations, currency translation reporting, and cash flow. A combination of instructor guided exercises and practice tutorials allows you to master your report design skills.

A thorough understanding of these topics allows you to master the advanced report design techniques necessary to create a more comprehensive suite of financial and management reports. You learn how to use links to extract data from a variety of sources including non-financial metrics maintained outside the general ledger. This course also teaches you how to move into cutting edge technology, using OLAP and XRBL output options. These skills enable you to take control of the financial reporting process, allowing you to be more productive and efficient in the way you create, generate and distribute financial information, which in turn will help you to enable internal and external stakeholders to make well informed decisions to positively impact your organization as a whole.


By actively participating in this class, you will learn:

To create meaningful management reports that import non-GL information from external worksheets
How FRx imports data from spreadsheets
The benefits of creating and analyzing OLAP cubes using FRx instant!OLAP
Efficient ways to perform consolidations and allocations
Ways FRx helps comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley regulations using XBRL output
Currency translations using FRx Desktop edition
Currency translation using the FRx Currency Translation Module
Techniques to master a variety of statements of cash flow
Advanced formatting concepts
Row linking to speed up processing and reduce maintenance
Advanced income statement reports using multiple segments in the row format
Complex calculations such as specific column placement and conditional statements



Introduction and Overview
     Row, Column, Tree - quick concept review
Linking to External Worksheets
Gross Profit Per Unit
Full Account Code and Multiple Segments
Defining Departments in the Row Format 
Statements of Cash Flow
FASB Style Statement of Cash Flow
Modified Allocation of Corporate Expenses
Row Linking
Row Linking Income Statement
Relational Reporting
Multiple Base Row Definitions and Using
      Statistical Information as a Base Row
Additional Formatting Concepts
OLAP Output
Currency Translation

To insure the ultimate in personal instruction, seating is limited.
Reserve your space now!






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