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Customizing Great Plains Toolbars

Great Plains 8.0 is all about ease-of use. One of these features is the ability to boost productivity by configuring your toolbar exactly the way you need it. Streamline your navigation by making your highly used functions a single click away, removing icons to the functions you don't need, and rearranging the setup to mirror your business practices.

How to add a toolbar

To add a predefined toolbar, click View, point to Toolbars, and then click the toolbar that you want. A check mark next to an item on the Toolbar menu indicates that the toolbar is currently displayed.

The following table lists the toolbars and the items on those toolbars.




Financial General Transaction Entry
  Quick Journal Entry
  Detail Inquiry
  Financial Series Posting
Sales Sales Transaction Entry
  Receivables Transaction Entry
  Receivables Batch Entry
  Cash Receipts Entry
  Sales Series Posting
Purchasing Purchase Order Entry
  Receivings Transaction Entry
  Enter/Match Invoices
  Payables Transaction Entry
  Payables Series Posting
Inventory Item Transfer Entry
  Item Transaction Entry
  Item Maintenance
  Inventory Series Posting
Human Resources & Payroll Employee Maintenance
  Payroll Transaction Entry
  Attendance Transaction Entry
  Benefit Deduction Summary
  Employee Pay Code Maintenance
Manufacturing Manufacturing Order Entry
  Manufacturing Component Transaction Entry
  Manufacturing Order Receipt Entry
  Manufacturing Order Close
  Quick MO's
Project Project Maintenance
  Timesheet Entry
  Employee Expense Entry
  PA Purchase Order Entry
  PA Receivings Transaction Entry
  Billing Entry
Standard Navigation Pane
  Select All
  Insert Row
  Delete Row
User,Company, and User Date... User ID
  Company Name
  User Date
Custom Add custom commands (windows) as needed

How to customize a toolbar

You can use the Toolbar Customization window (View / Toolbars / Customize) to customize the toolbars that are available. You can:

  • Add or remove commands such as deleting a row
  • Create a single-click icon for any window in Great Plains
  • Customize the appearance of commands and icons

These sample steps show how to add the Bank Deposit window to the Financial toolbar:

  • On the View menu, point to Toolbars, then click Customize.
  • In the Choose a toolbar to modify list, select Financial.
  • Click Add.
  • In the Menu Groups box, click Transactions.
  • In the Categories/Commands box, expand Financial.
  • Click Bank Deposits, then click OK.
  • Click OK to close the Toolbar Customization window.

The following table contains other toolbar customization options. To perform each customization, you must first select the toolbar that you want to modify in the Choose a toolbar to modify box. Then, go to the Controls box, click the appropriate command, and follow the designated procedure below. After you finish customizing the toolbar, click OK to save you changes and to close the window,. If you ever wish to undo all of your changes, simple click Reset Toolbar.

Customization Procedure
Delete a command Click Delete.
Change the order of the commands on a toolbar Click Move Up or click Move Down to move the command to another position on the toolbar.
Rename a command Point to Modify Selection, and then click Name to open the Change Name window. Type a new name in the New Name box, and then click OK.
Change a command symbol Point to Modify Selection, and then click Change Button Image to open the Change Icon window. Click the symbol that you want to use, and then click OK to save your changes and to close the window.
Show only the name of the command on the toolbar Point to Modify Selection, and then click Text Only.
Show only the symbol for the command on the toolbar Point to Modify Selection, and then click Image Only.
Show the name of and the symbol for a command on the toolbar Point to Modify Selection, and then click Image & Text.
Use the default style to show a command on the toolbar Point to Modify Selection, and then click Default Style.
Insert a divider line Point to Modify Selection, and then click Insert Divider Line.

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