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Office Smart Tag Manager Setup Tips

The Great Plains Office Smart Tag Manager increases your productivity by providing “links” between Microsoft Office documents and the underlying data within Great Plains. You can instantly drill back from spreadsheets, e-mails and Microsoft Word documents to customer, vendor and product information. If you're having trouble setting up this useful integration, the following may help:


In Word, Excel, or Outlook, make sure that all Microsoft Business Solutions recognizers are selected. To do this:

1. Click Tools --> AutoCorrect Options, --> Smart Tag tab.
2. Make sure that all the Microsoft Business Solutions - Recognizer options are selected.
3. If you are using Word, click Check Document. If you are using Excel, click Check Workbook. If you are using Outlook, click Recheck Document.
4. Click OK.



In Office Smart Tag Manager, enable all entities for an action, but be sure to enable each entity individually.

1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click Office Smart Tag Manager.
2. Click Administration, and then click Groups.
3. Select your group, and then click Edit.
4. Select an entity, and then click Enable All in the entity section. This enables all entities.
5. In the Actions section, click Enable All to enable all actions for that entity.

Note For each entity, you must select Enable All in the Actions section to enable the actions that are associated with that entity.



Microsoft Great Plains security overrides Office Smart Tag Manager security. For example, Office Smart Tag Manager cannot perform an action that requires that you open a Great Plains window if you do not have permissions for that window.



When you set up NT groups, consider the following:

• When you work with Office Smart Tag Manager, you can use group level security instead of individual level security.
• You must set up groups for each level of security that you want in Office Smart Tag Manager. For example, if you want one group of users to see only account information for the company, and you want another group of users to see only vendor information for the same company, you must set up an NT group for each group of users.
• If a user is in more than one NT group, NT group security gives that user permissions for the group that has the most restrictive security.
• You do not need special permissions to create your NT groups.
• When you enable entities and actions for your NT group, the Administrator group creates both the NT group and the Microsoft SQL Server logon. Then, the Administrator group adds the user to the Office Smart Tag Manager role in the company for the entities and for the actions. See the following table for examples.
NT Group SQL Logons SQL Roles
AccountingTWO domain/AccountingTWO Smart Tags
AccountingTEST domain/AccountingTEST Smart Tags

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