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Unhanging a Batch in MSSQL                    

  1. Make sure you have a current working backup of your company database.
  2. Go to the SQL Query Analyzer located in your Microsoft SQL Server.
  3. You will be running this against your company database, select the company database from the drop down box in your tool bar.
  4. Enter the following query in the Query Analyzer and run against the company database:


          (Where XXX is the batch number or name of the batch you are tying to post.  BACHNUMB is the same as the batch id window in Great Plains.)

    5.  In Query Analyzer, run the following against the DYNAMICS database:


         (Where XXX is the batch number or name of the batch you are trying to post.)

    6.  Verify the accuracy of the transactions.

    7.  Verify that you can edit and post the batches.

**NOTE** If any Payables Computer Check batches exist, you must delete them, run check links on Payables Transaction Logical and Payables History Logical files, and reselect vouchers for payment (be sure everyone is logged out when you run check links).  We have seen the instances where apply to records become corrupt or duplicates occur if these procedures are not taken.


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