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Understanding and Using
       the FRx Email Option


Quick Start Summary
When generating an FRx report, you can ask FRx to email your report automatically by checking the Enable E-mail check box on the Output email Options tab.

Next, add email recipients by clicking the Add button and typing a user’s email address in the Add Individual User text box. Press OK and generate your report. After FRx generates the report you will see FRx email the report.

Email users defined in the FRx Catalog- Using the FRx Catalog to save your email list with the FRx report.

Using the Catalog option, your recipient email list is saved with the report catalog. All recipients will receive the generated FRx report with full viewing rights. This option is the simplest and least restrictive of security.

To use the Catalog option, go to the E-mail tab of the Output options tab. Check the Enable E-mail check box. Select the Send as Attachment radio button. Select the Use Catalog radio button.

Click on the Add button to add an email address.

From the E-mail window select the source of your email addresses. You have three options:
  1. E-Mail – Select email addresses from your email software (Microsoft Outlook)
  2. FRx Users – Select email addresses from the FRx users setup in FRx security. You must setup FRx security and users prior to using this option.
  3. FRx Groups – Select email addresses from the FRx users setup in FRx Group Information. You must setup FRx security and groups prior to using this option.

After creating a recipients email list you may optionally enter an email subject in the Subject box and an eMail Message in the Message box. You are ready to generate the report. Press the Generate Report button. The email is automatically generated and placed in your Outbox. Your email system will now distribute the email. Recipients will receive the email with the FRx report attached.

* Please note that this is just one way to email FRx reports.


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