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FRx Do's and Don'ts  

  • DO NOT use special characters such as ( - / : | % $ &  \ ) in row format, column layout, tree, or catalog IDs. Doing so may contribute to the corruption of the *.F32 file.DO use FRx, DO NOT be afraid!

  • DO save a report prior to generating if any changes have been made to a catalog. Failure to do so may create corruption in the *.F32 file which can lead to loss of specification set information. Protect your reports by saving before generating!  

  • DO perform the compact utility on a routine basis to repair your specification set and FRx system database and prevent loss of valuable data such as reports and company information.  This utility is located under File | Compact FRx Database. Remember to have all other FRx users exit the application before compacting. This should be performed at least weekly to ensure the stability of the *.F32 and FrxSys32.MDB files.  

  • DO NOT forget that the FRx Advanced edition has the export feature, which can be used to create copies and backups of specific building blocks. This can be used to transport report information from site to site and can become extremely valuable if an *.F32 file becomes corrupt.  

  • DO ensure that the FX or FV folder (and contents) is backed up as part of your routine network backup procedure. This backup is invaluable in situations in which data must be restored.
  • DO take the time to print row format, column layout, tree, and catalog information after designing a new report. These should be maintained according to Detailed Procedures and are invaluable if data is lost or corrupt.

  • DO look in CustomerSource TechKnowledge if you get any errors.




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