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FRx Forecaster makes it easy for you to immediately realize the benefits of budgeting and planning. You can quickly implement this Web-based budgeting solution to save you time and money throughout the entire year. FRx Forecaster gives you immediate control of the budgeting and planning process and the ability to respond to new business opportunities and challenges.

FRx Forecaster makes budgeting easier in Great Plains The intuitive and flexible features of FRx Forecaster include:

  • Online reporting and analysis view and collaborate on reports and plans from anywhere in the world, in any environment
  • Line-item breakdown of account balances for HR, capital expenditures, and revenue planning plan precisely with details
  • Salary planning worksheet effortlessly plan for headcount additions
  • Detailed capital expense budgeting takes into consideration depreciation schedules meaningful to your business model
  • Dynamic revenue forecasting make adjustments any time, as budgeting and planning variables change
  • Drag and drop consolidations conveniently summarize and view high levels of your business for planning purposes
  • Workflow management keep a watchful eye on the planning process
  • Email reminders of deadlines keep your process on schedule

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*FRx Forecaster is only available with MSSQL.


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