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 Solutions: eExpense and Receipt Imaging*

The browser-based environment of eExpense consists of simple checklists and templates with pre-populated data. These automated, Web-based processes help ensure accuracy, speed reimbursement, and eliminate the need for traditional spreadsheets. eExpense Offline allows travelers to create their reports offline for submission the next time they connect. eExpense Receipt Imaging allows employees to submit, review and audit expense receipts electronically. Expense reports are automatically routed to managers, and when they're approved, the reports automatically link to Payables Management and General Ledger. Comprehensive reports provide a centralized view of expense trends and data. 
Submit expense reports online from anywhere in the world!
eExpense reduces:

  • The average time an employee spends creating an expense report by 60%, from 57 minutes to 23 minutes

  • The average time required to process an expense report by 79%, from 14 to 3 days
  • The average cost of processing expense reports by 63%, from $48 to $18

eExpense: Online Expense Reporting

  • Enable employees to submit expense reports online, using simple checklists and templates.
  • Pre-populate expense reports with existing employee information or incorporate charges from corporate credit cards.
  • Automatically submit expenses against pre-configured or custom cost centers mapped to General Ledger accounts. Customized email-based approval helps ensure a timely and accurate report the first time around.
  • Capture out-of-pocket expenses instantly with Palm Operating System-based devices that integrate smoothly with eExpense.
  • Use eExpense as a mini-intranet to share critical information in an environment which includes security enhancements, and provide budget managers with a central location to view expense data and analyze trends.
  • Deploy over the Internet to minimize IT resources and utilize easy-to-use wizards to add new employees, import existing employee data files, and create powerful auditing rules.
  • View, sort, and filter a wide range of best practices reports, or custom-configure your own reports to isolate trends, forecast budgets and see which expenses need better management.
  • View and filter vendor statistics, including performing vendor reconciliation, to ensure proper vendor usage with employees.

eExpense Offline: Anytime, Anywhere Expense Reporting

  • Enable complex itemization of expenses while offline, including automated pre-population and calculation of foreign exchange rates.
  • Ensure efficient processing and timely reimbursement with seamless transfer of expense transactions to eExpense.

eExpense Receipt Imaging: Electronic Receipt Imaging Service

  • Submit, review and store expense receipts electronically, making the expense submission and approval process fast and easy.
  • Eliminate costs for managing and storing paper receipts, with no up front costs for imaging hardware and software.

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*eExpense components are sold separately and are only available with MSSQL.


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