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Professional Service Tools

Microsoft DynamicsTM GP Professional Service Tools offer a full range of data customization and control utilities. These tools will increase your productivity and efficiency and insure data integrity. You can use each of these automated tools to change large amounts of data in minutes—without having to manually enter each change. Available tools are listed by category below. A list of free tools follows.

Finance Series Tools

  • Account Modifier/Combiner

  • Fiscal Period Modifier

  • Checkbook Modifier

  • Fixed Asset Modifier

  • General Ledger Master Record Triggers

Purchase Series Tools

  • Vendor Modifier

  • Vendor Combiner

  • Vendor Name Modifier

  • Payables Management Master Record Triggers

  • 1099 Modifier

Sales Series Tools

  • Customer Modifier

  • Customer Combiner

  • Customer Name Modifier

  • Salesperson Modifier

  • Receivables Management Master Record Triggers

  • Receivables Management Transaction Unapply

Payroll Series Tools

  • Employee Modifier

  • Certified Payroll Report

Inventory Tools

  • Item Number Modifier

  • Item Number Combiner

  • Item Description Modifier

  • Inventory Site Modifier

  • Inventory Site Combiner

  • Sales Order Processing Customer Item Lookup

Sales Order Processing Tools

  • SOP Lot Number Overrides

  • SOP Partial Kit Transfers

System Tools

  • Database Disabler

  • Shortcuts Copy

  • Macro Scheduler

Services Performed

  • Account Reformatting

  • Combining Companies

  • Splitting Companies


Free Tools*  

Payables Select Checks Combiner: Use this tool to consolidate checks to the same vendor when users are appending to an existing checks batch. This can be of great value if users frequently build batches of Payables checks and select different document number ranges or different date ranges.

Payables Minimum Check Utility: Use this tool to pick a minimum amount for your Payables checks created through the Select Checks process. It will prevent checks from being created under the minimum amount specified.

Minimum PO/Receipt Number: This tool will allow you to prevent Purchase Order Processing from defaulting to the next PO Number or Receipt Number to a number that is previous to the current PO Number – when an existing PO Number is pulled up and deleted. There is also an option to set a minimum PO Number default, so the system won't default to anything below the minimum.

Territory Modifier: This tool allows you to change Territory IDs in the system. The result is a new Territory ID with no loss of data.

Territory Combiner: This enables you to combine a Territory ID into another Territory ID without losing any Work, Open or History Records. After the completion of the tool, the old Territory is removed from the system.

Item Reconciler: This tool enables you to Reconcile Inventory, Field Service or Intellisol Advanced Purchase Order. This tool can increase performance if not all items need to be reconciled. Only those items that need reconciling will be reconciled using Professional Services Tools.

Toolkit: Rebuild the GL00105 without going into SQL query analyzer, turn on/off dexsql.log, rebuild indexes and recreate Dex Procs and tables.

Login/User Generator: Recreate all logins and users based on the users that are set up in your system. The tool is useful for recreating Logins and Users to a restored database on a new server or a test server.

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*Free tools are available only to those customers on current support plans


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