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Microsoft Dynamics GP
uman Resources Management
 Self Service Business Portal

The Microsoft DynamicsTM GP HRM Self Service Business Portal is an intranet that empowers employees to manage their HR processes without the frustration of paperwork or scheduling around an HR staff member's time. The HRM Self Service Business Portal eliminates many administrative duties for HR staff members, so they can concentrate on more important professional tasks like recruiting new employees and improving the satisfaction of current ones. 

The HRM Self Service Suite offers several modules you can add to Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional/Advanced Management. The 5 components can be purchased individually or as a package.


Employee Profile (required) - stores contact information for each employee  Human Resources Management Self Service Business Portal for Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains

  • Allows employees to record their own life changes such as addresses, phones numbers, dependents, and emergency contacts. 

  • Provides administrators the ability to send targeted messages to employees and to create a repository for company information such as benefits, policies, and event dates.  

Employee Pay - integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll module

  • Lets employees view their compensation history and benefit enrollment, print their pay stubs, and change their tax withholding and direct deposit information. 

Time and Attendance - integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics GP HR module

  • Facilitates online management of time cards for hourly and salaried employees.

  • Enables employees to verify remaining sick or vacation time or the number of work hours recorded for the previous pay period.

  • Offers workflow rule implementation for such tasks as time card approval and vacation requests.

Skills and Training - integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics GP HR module

  • Tracks employee skills and rank advancement so qualified individuals can be considered for new tasks or positions as they become available.

  • Enables design of training programs for employee advancement.

Recruitment - integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics GP HR module

  • Gives employees the ability to view and apply for internal job openings. 

  • Allows HR to share interview forms with managers.

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